CBD Cocktails

CBD Drinks

We all love the idea of serving fancy cocktails to our friends, but why not take your fun to the next level?

According to many of our bartenders, CBD in cocktails enhances the drinks’ flavor. This supplement is also known to reduce inflammation and anxiety, and that effect extends to cocktails infused with CBD. And the best part is that instead of having a wretched hangover the day after, some people report that adding CBD to their cocktails reduces that terrible feeling.


What Are The Effects of CBD Cocktails?

The effect of the intake of CBD infused cocktails varies for different people. But generally, it is one of euphoria without the irking sense of anxiety caused by regular cannabis. CBD (Cannabidiol) is usually known to have a calming effect, relaxing the senses from other physical discomforts.

When it comes to infusing CBD with your cocktails, the world is your oyster. There are so many permutations that you can try and our bartenders know tons of great recipes. Come on in to the Martini Shack (next to Ron Ron’s CBD Shop) and we will make you a drink that tastes great!

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